Must Technology is a young and dynamic company based in South-East Qld providing geospatial services to business and industry. Our state-of-the-art technology includes the very latest LiDAR and drone equipment together with a hovercraft and robust all-terrain vehicle.  

The combination of our technology and exceptional transport options allows us to negotiate difficult terrain and hard-to-reach locations to gather precise data for our clients.

Our services include aerial mapping, 3D imagery, thermal imaging, and contour mapping to support projects across a broad spectrum of business and industry; from environment and heritage, to construction and infrastructure and disaster management. By delivering timely and accurate data, our clients have the information they need for well-informed decision-making.


Must Technology’s small team of highly experienced professionals deliver services tailored to the needs of our clients: the right information at the right time. Delivering dependable accuracy and saving both time and money.


Our LiDAR technology is at the forefront of innovation, offering advanced capabilities that are a rarity in Australia. The precision and detail it achieves set a high bar in the industry.  Its capabilities are at the cutting edge of technology rarely available in Australia. The level of detail and accuracy it delivers is unsurpassed.


An image depicting a hovercraft leaving the water. The hovercraft is gliding effortlessly, defying the need for traditional roads. Experience the freedom of a hovercraft as it effortlessly traverses the water's surface, symbolizing the limitless possibilities
Roads, We Don't Need Roads...

Our ability to deploy a hovercraft with an experienced operator allows us to access difficult locations including rivers, marshes, and wetlands.

Brisbane Story Bridge at dawn, with rainbow-coloured lights